Cosmovisions, Territories, Societies, Technologies, Cultures

We are driven by the hope that the unique experiences of the Indigenous Amazonian and Andean worlds can create a greater consciousness and universal awareness. Where these worlds can also reconnect humanity with their own history in relationship to the Universe and our Earth. We believe in transformation through culture, experience, film, and are grounded in respect for diversity and mutual understanding.

Our objective is to publicize the life, history, cosmovision and customs of the upper Andean and Amazonian villages through stories and cinematography. Each film in the series represents a village, and each village carries ancestral wisdom. Through the films, viewers can discover and understand different forms of life and how it manifests in different contexts.

You will encounter these villages through their realities. We bring forth their values, cultural artifacts, languages, how they articulate their social coexistence, and how their worldviews contribute to so-called modern societies.

We believe communication and cinematography are nonviolent means for transformation and for creating awareness about indigenous cultures of the Andes and the Amazon. Listening to indigenous cultures and learning about their philosophy on respect for the land is vital for the recovery of environmental balance in the world today. Andes Imagen and the Ayni Institute serve as a medium for the recovery of traditional and ancestral wisdoms that bridge between different cultures, villages, and generations.

The Filmmakers


Jose Huaman Turpo


Alejandrina Calancha


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