Mysteries of The Andes
International Tour 2024- 2025

We at the Ayni Institute are thrilled to announce the launch of an international tour of the Mysteries of the Andes Series, a captivating documentary collection that delves into the rich tapestry of Indigenous knowledge, traditions, and practices across Latin America.

Produced by Andes Imagen, Phutu, and the Ayni institute, this four part documentary series takes viewers on a mesmerizing exploration of the wisdom that has been passed down through generations within many distinct Indigenous communities. It is with immense enthusiasm that we extend an invitation to you to join us on this international tour which encompasses spirituality, cosmovisions, medicine, music, philosophy, and oral history.

The Heart of The Series

At its core, this documentary series is an homage to the Indigenous communities of Latin America. It delves deep into the tapestry of their existence, allowing us to witness and celebrate their resilience, wisdom, and profound connection to the natural world. The central theme and mission of the series is to provide an authentic platform for Indigenous communities to tell their stories, share their worldviews, and impart their wisdom from their own perspectives and voices—an endeavor that has never been undertaken on this scale in Latin America.

Inkarri: Named after the prophesy of the return of the Inca, this documentary invites viewers to journey into the mythological and cultural roots of the Q’eros indigenous community – who are the closest descendants of the Incan peoples, hundreds of years ago. Located at an altitude exceeding 5000 meters above sea level in the South Central Andes, the Q’eros have maintained their ethnic identity for over 500 years, surviving both colonial and republic periods. This film showcases their commitment to memory, the resilience of their culture, and their connection to earthly and cosmic worldviews, that are cherished in all aspects of life.

Q’eshwachaka: Step into the community of the K’anas people who are responsible for the preservation and renewal behind the world’s last remaining Inca suspension bridge. This iconic bridge, woven by hand, serves a living testament, to their age-old techniques, and the philosophies and religiosity that accompany them. Once a year, spanning the Apurimac river, a festival dedicated to the reconstruction of the bridge unfolds, as a profound ritual and sacred gesture, orchestrated by the men and women of the surrounding communities. This is nothing short of a divine act, as the bridge is a considered an Apu, a deity for the communities. Join us in paying homage to the revered Apu Q’eswachaka and delve into the intricacies of these communities social and spiritual traditions.

Voices That Heal: Embark on a journey deep into the heart of the rainforest and witness the profound healing practices of the Huachipaeri people, stewards of a culture deeply embedded into traditions that have coexisted with the rainforest for millenniums. In the lush and vibrant wilderness the Huachipaeri shamans wield the sacred and therapeutic plants of forest. At the core the film explores the traditional healing systems of the Amazonian people who through ceremonial songs like the Echuva Prayers, their curers’ healing are imbued with the spirits of plants and transferred orally and energetically. Yet, this film also shines a light on a culture in danger. Vanishing biodiversity and state encroachment not only disrupt the fragile ecological balance of the rainforest but also threaten the essence of the healers’ abilities and the enduring world of their communities.

Nuna: This film, which is soon to be released, is a melodic journey through indigenous music across Latin America, offering a sonorous glimpse into the power that harmony, ritual, and instruments have on the rich cultures of these communities. Music, is a universal language that provides and intangible thread, and this documentary reveals the profound and diverse cultural significance of indigenous music across Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, and Argentina.

The International Tour

The global tour for “The Mysteries of the Andes Series” is set to kick off in June 2024, starting with a journey through the United Kingdom. Subsequent screenings are planned for Latin America throughout July, August, and September, followed by stops in Asia during October and November. The tour will culminate with European screenings in early 2025.

Our dedicated hosts for this tour include Memory Program Director Rodrigo Saavedra from the Ayni Institute and the acclaimed Director of The Mysteries of the Andes, Jose Huaman Turpo. Rodrigo has worked on the development of the Memory Program, where he has supported the production process and the premieres of the Mysteries of the Andes series and hosted trainings and conferences centered on indigenous wisdom in collaboration with universities, community organizations, and indigenous elders. Jose is a Peruvian indigenous filmmaker with over 30 years of experience, focuses on ethnographic documentaries that capture the memory and knowledge of indigenous communities. His film “Inkarri: 500 years of Inca Spirit Resistance” received international acclaim as the first Peruvian film in Quechua and earned recognition from the Peruvian Congress and the City of Boston for promoting Peru’s cultural heritage.

Call to Organizations

We extend a warm invitation to your organization to be a part of this extraordinary journey by hosting a screening of these exceptional films for your members and community. Each film in the series ranges from 45 minutes to 80 minutes in length, ensuring an immersive and insightful experience for your audience.

In addition to the screenings, your organization will have the unique opportunity to engage in Q&A sessions with the filmmakers, gaining deeper insights into the creation and cultural significance of these films.

Additional Information

No Cost to Host a Screening

We are delighted to offer this opportunity at no cost to your organization.

Accessibility for All Audiences

To ensure that these profound stories reach a global audience, the films will be spoken in various Indigenous languages and subtitled in English, Spanish, and Mandarin.

Relevance for Diverse Audiences

“The Mysteries of the Andes Series” is not limited to a specific demographic; it is a set of stories that will resonate with anyone interested in Indigenous issues. This includes but is not limited to those passionate about indigenous wisdom and philosophy, medicine, healing, cultural renewal, ceremony and ritual, land, indigenous issues, art, and performance.

Express Your Interest

To express your interest in hosting a screening or to request additional information, please email Rodrigo Saavedra, the Memory Program Director of the Ayni Institute at